How to Pray for a President

The relationship between faith and country has always been a tenuous one, but that doesn’t change the work that Christians are called to do.

Legislators Are Right: Porn Is a Public Health Crisis

In the past year, two state governments have now declared porn a public health crisis…

How Should Christians Respond to the Government Shutdown?

Today marks a strange and rare occurance in America. The government is in a partial…

How Should Christians Engage Politics?

Politics are complicated, controversial, divisive—we could go on. But Kurt Willems says Jesus’ approach was far more simpler, and far more surprising.

Why I Am a Christian Democrat

As we continue our series on Christian engagement in politics, David Masciotra shares why the call for compassion leads him to embrace Democratic ideology:

Why I Am a Christian Republican

In part two of our series looking at Christian engagement in politics, Matthew Lee Anderson explains his conservative convictions.

How Would Jesus Protest?

Bret Mavrich explores the nature of Jesus the Revolutionary and why we’re so quick to include Him in our democratic movements and protests.

Creating Something Better in Haiti

Emily Cavan writes about talking to Haitian women and hearing they think there’s no hope for their country—but that it must come down to creating hope.

Death to the Death Penalty

Eugene Cho weighs in on Troy Davis, capital punishment and justice.

Drugs and Displacement in Colombia

Caleb Collier writes about how a U.S. policy called Plan Colombia is destroying not only the coca plants it’s aiming for in the country, but also the crops that make up the livelihood of Colombian farmers.

Stem Cell Debate Still Divides

The Catholic Church debating the fate of hybrid animal-embryos in England and a vetoed stem…

Throwing Stones

  Three weeks ago, I went into Washington, D.C., with some friends to watch oral…

Review: To America

To America: Reflections of an Historian, By Stephen Ambrose (Simon & Schuster) [By Ed Chinn]…