Families of of Gun Violence Victims Urge Caution for the ‘Joker’ Movie

Families of gun violence victims voice fears over the ‘Joker’ movie. Franklin Graham calls on President Trump’s critics to ‘give it a rest.’ And ‘Jurassic World 3’ will get the gang back together.
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‘Righteous Gemstones’ Star Danny McBride Opens Up About His Experiences in the Church

‘Righteous Gemstone’ star Danny McBride opens up about his experiences growing up in the church. The Billy Graham Rule is headed to court. And the season of Adam Driver is nearly upon us.
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Why Is A$AP Rocky Being Detained In Sweden?

A$AP Rocky’s legal trouble explained. A political hopeful is under fire for the Billy Graham Rule. And Kasey Musgraves gives a shoutout to an old RELEVANT friend.