Oxfam Executive Resigns Amid Sex Crimes Scandal in Haiti, Chad

In a situation that is still unfolding, the deputy chief executive of Oxfam, Penny Lawrence,…

Making Compassion Last

It’s easy to criticize the news reporters for letting yesterday’s crises fall to the wayside to make room for today’s headlines. But it’s not up to the news cycle to keep caring long after disaster strikes—it’s up to us. Here’s 4 things you can do.

When Great Gets in the Way of Good

It’s only human to want to do something great, and make a huge impact. But where do these desires come from, and what are they getting in the way of?

Who Are “the Bottom Billion”?

Tony Chen of Movement121, a social innovation company working to fight extreme poverty, writes about misconceptions concerning the “bottom billion.”

Responding When Helping Hurts

Jeff Goins writes about finding out an orphanage his organization worked with is trafficking children, and the best way to respond.

Creating Something Better in Haiti

Emily Cavan writes about talking to Haitian women and hearing they think there’s no hope for their country—but that it must come down to creating hope.

Caring When Your Neighbor Is an “Intruder”

Lorena Féliz writes a column for Reject Apathy about the moment her heart was changed for her country, the Dominican Republic’s neighbor—Haiti.

Facing Inaction in Haiti

Emily Cavan writes for Reject Apathy about battling inaction and excuses in Haiti.

Bringing Heaven to Hell on Earth

Palmer Chinchen writes for Reject Apathy about seeing places of hell on earth and how to bring heaven to these places.

Reflections on Post-Earthquake Haiti

Columnist Jeremy Willet writes about living in Haiti after the earthquake and how to truly help Haiti recover.

Haiti, the Beautiful

Roseann Dennery, a relief worker with Samaritan’s Purse, writes a column about the face of cholera in Haiti.

Meeting Obama’s Neighbors

Worship artist Jeremy Willet and James Barnett, the founder of Clothe Your Neighbor as Yourself, discuss spending time with those living on the streets of D.C. as well as the importance of caring for our global neighbors.

Being Close to the Hurt

Columnist Jeremy Willet writes about the importance of child sponsorship programs in Africa and Haiti. He will be posting updates from Haiti as part of RELEVANT and Convoy of Hope’s Haiti School Project.

Digging for Hope in Haiti

Kirk Noonan of Convoy of Hope writes about how an experience of doubting a Haitian man’s ability to successfully dig a well in an arid region relates to the organization’s mission.

On the Ground in Haiti

Steve Haas, the vice president of World Vision, U.S., talks about what Haiti needs now and in the future.

The Tension of Responsibility

Josiah Norton writes about the tension between feeling compassion for those who are suffering and the responsibility to help.