Embrace of the Rejected

George Elerick discusses truly loving and embracing the rejected.

Can Our Mental Health Care System be Healed?

Global poverty, sex trafficking, slavery, unfair wages, child labor, environmental exploitation—I’m proud to see and…

Christmas Belongs to the Poor

Jeff Goins suggest Christmas isn’t really about getting everything you want.

One Night in the Homeless Hotel

Columnist Molly Williams writes about a friend she made while staying on the streets of Atlanta for one night, and the importance of allowing the homeless to be heard and empowered.

Santa of the Streets

Brandon Sneed writes a blog for RELEVANT about a homeless man named Santa who felt called to live on the streets.

A Cup of Grace

I have some pretty incredible friends. In fact, I think I underestimate them a lot…

The Assaulted Samaritan

Tyler Zimmerman writes a column for RELEVANT about his encounter with a homeless person, and compares it to the story of the Good Samaritan.

To Give, or Not to Give to the Homeless?

Andrew Schwab writes a column for RELEVANT about how we can think about homelessness—especially peoples’ motives.