The Importance of Dignity and Seeing People

A few months back I was walking through downtown Chicago with my wife. As in…

Pope: Christians Should Give to Homeless Without Reservation

Pope Francis recently gave an interview to an Italian magazine, and was asked whether or…

Obama to Ask for $11 Billion to Fight Family Homelessness

In 2010, the Obama administration announced plans to end veteran homelessness. And, after making considerable…

The Irony of Our “Accessibility”

Columnist Will Anderson writes about a conversation he had with two homeless men that caused him to consider true accessibility versus the “accessibility” of social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

The Salt of the Earth (and Chocolate)

MariJean Wegert writes about sharing coffee and community with a homeless man.

Uno and Math Homework on Skid Row

Rebecca Johnson writes about working with the homeless community on Skid Row and making connections with the children there.

Embracing Raw Community

Jeff Goins writes for Reject Apathy about entering into community with the homeless and not turning away when it’s difficult.

The Story Behind Help-Portrait

Cara Davis writes a blog for RELEVANT about Help-Portrait, and how it’s changing lives among the homeless community.

Should You Give a Homeless Person Money?

Columnist Homeless Girl writes about the misperceptions behind giving a homeless person money.

One Night in the Homeless Hotel

Columnist Molly Williams writes about a friend she made while staying on the streets of Atlanta for one night, and the importance of allowing the homeless to be heard and empowered.

Heeding Our Call

Columnist Jill Hansen describes how three homeless people changed her perception of the people she meets on the street.

Santa of the Streets

Brandon Sneed writes a blog for RELEVANT about a homeless man named Santa who felt called to live on the streets.

Honing in on Homelessness

Adam Bodendieck writes about his experience collecting clothes and distributing them to those living on the streets in St. Louis, Mo.

The New Face of Homelessness

There are hundreds of homeless teens living on the streets of Los Angeles. One of the groups looking to help them are the filmmakers behind the documentary Spare Some Change.

The Assaulted Samaritan

Tyler Zimmerman writes a column for RELEVANT about his encounter with a homeless person, and compares it to the story of the Good Samaritan.

When You Ask A Homeless Person to Move In

Chelsea Buhrman writes about her experience after asking a homeless woman to move into her home.

To Give, or Not to Give to the Homeless?

Andrew Schwab writes a column for RELEVANT about how we can think about homelessness—especially peoples’ motives.