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Five Ways to Fight Modern-Day Slavery

You might not think you have much of a personal connection to human trafficking, but…

Cutting Through the Chaos in Kalkota

Kristin Bruce writes about her experience in India working with former prostitutes, and how they find peace in the busyness of the city.

Running a Race for Their Lives

Abby Armbruster writes about the Run for Their Lives race put on every year by Freedom 4/24, an organization fighting human trafficking.

Responding When Helping Hurts

Jeff Goins writes about finding out an orphanage his organization worked with is trafficking children, and the best way to respond.

Redeeming “Sweetie”

Kristin Bruce writes about remembering that everyone, even those in the adult entertainment industry, want to know God has not forgotten them.

The Danger of Unbound Beauty

Bret Mavrich writes for Reject Apathy about the connection between beauty and justice, and how if beauty goes astray, so too does our sense of right and wrong.

The Photo That Changed My Life

Diana Scimone, founder of The Born2Fly Project, an anti-human trafficking organization, writes for Reject Apathy about the photo that changed her life and inspired her to found Born2Fly.

Does Modern Slavery Start at Home?

Benjamin Nolot, the director of a new human trafficking documentary, Nefarious, writes for Reject Apathy about the roots of modern slavery and how our culture may contribute to it.

Spending Summer on a Bike Ride for Slaves

Ben Skoda share some thoughts he’s had while taking part in a bicycle ride across the U.S. to raise awareness and funds for anti-human trafficking efforts.

Cycling the Captives Free

Columnist Ben Skoda writes about a cross-country cycling trip he’s on with the Just+Hope campaign. The goal is to raise money for a shelter in Thailand for those at-risk of falling into modern slavery.

The Traffick Cafe

Anne Jackson writes a column about witnessing sex trafficking deals at a cafe in Moldova, Russia.