4 Warnings You Might Be Turning Into a Narcissist

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Feminism, Jesus and the Search for My Identity

At its core, feminism is the belief that men and women should be equal on…

Discover Who You Are—the Love List Way

Trying things on for size the Mad Scientist way. Slipping in and out of identities like a Convincing Actor. Wondering, underneath it all, who the heck we are. Can you relate? Our columnist Kristin Tennant helps you uncover the truth of God’s identity for you through the medium of what she calls a Love List.

Uniquely You (Sort Of)

We have strong ideas about what it means to be a Christian—how our faith should play itself out in everything from church, worship and prayer to service, politics and culture. But we also know God created us each to be completely, amazingly unique. Our columnist Kristin Tennant grapples with this seeming disparity and then helps you get practical about your own uniqueness in this world.

Becoming More Than a Label

Mohan Karulkar writes about the dangers of labels and the importance of finding your true identity.