Compassion Intl. Is Officially Leaving India

After 48 years of providing education, scholarships, meals and medical care to children in India,…

The Value of Conflict

Akshay Rajkumar writes about meeting his wife, subverting the stereotypes of love and marriage and how conflict keeps their relationship strong.

Room for India’s Abandoned Children

Madeleine McCaleb writes about working in an orphanage for special needs children in India, and why they’re considered untouchable.

Cutting Through the Chaos in Kalkota

Kristin Bruce writes about her experience in India working with former prostitutes, and how they find peace in the busyness of the city.

Who Are “the Bottom Billion”?

Tony Chen of Movement121, a social innovation company working to fight extreme poverty, writes about misconceptions concerning the “bottom billion.”

A Portrait of Strength

Robb Paul writes about a man he took a photo of in India who was the epitome of strength and resilience.

In the Eyes of Kolkata

There are only a few people in my life where I’ve actually seen love in…