interfaith dialogue

Is “Loving Witness” an Oxymoron?

“How can you say you love people if you are constantly trying to convert them?” This objection crops up a lot when it comes to interfaith dialogue—and often, it’s Christians who pose the question. So, what do we do with it? Is it possible to authentically love a person and still desire to see them come to Christ, or does a commitment to evangelism automatically lead us to view other people as nothing more than projects?

Tossing Out the Silver Bullet

I remember the conversation well. I was sitting in a campus coffee shop with one…

A Generous Model for Interfaith Engagement

Is there a biblical basis for interfaith dialogue? At first glance, it seems there’s not. But columnist Nick Price takes us on a journey of discovery and, along the way, highlights how and why interfaith dialogue is not only helpful to our faith but essential to our witness.

Evangelism in an Interfaith World

In his inaugural column, our columnist Nick Price paves the way for us to explore the tension between interfaith dialogue and evangelical conviction to share the Gospel.