Netflix’s New Show Looks at a Mysterious “Messiah”

 Netflix Has Released a First Look at Its New Show About a Mysterious, Miracle-Working “Messiah”. Jerry Falwell Jr. Has Launched a New Think-Tank to Combat Socialism. And, Preemptive Love Has Found a Really Cool Way to Help Migrants Trapped…
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Have Kanye West and Jerry Falwell Jr. Become Friends?

Jerry Falwell Jr. Says Kanye and Him Have Become Friends. New Data Suggests Young People Who Leave the Church Probably Won’t Come Back. and Remembering Truett Mckeehan.
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Pete Buttigieg Tries to Explain His Pro-Choice Christian Stance

Pete Buttigieg Tries to Explain Why He’s a Pro-Choice Christian. Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. Faces Accusations From More That Two Dozen Current and Former Employees. and a New Survey Finds That 45 Percent of College Students…
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A Man Was Inspired to Confess to Murder After Hearing a Christian Song

A man was inspired to confess to a murder after hearing a Christian song. Jerry Falwell Jr. is under scrutiny again for more suspicious financial deals. And we’ve got our first look at Steven Soderbergh’s new Netflix movie.
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LANY Has Publicly Canceled a Show at Liberty University in Protest of Jerry Falwell’s Statement About Guns

LANY has publicly canceled a show at Liberty University in protest of Jerry Falwell’s statement about guns. The oldest Protestant Church in LA now meets in a parking lot, and they’ve got a good reason. And Disney crosses a major, and slightly…
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Tolkien Director Defends His Biopic From Family’s Skepticism

The director of the new Tolkien biopic is defending his movie from the family’s public skepticism. Liberty President Jerry Falwell Jr. Reportedly Sought Michael Cohen’s Help For a Personal Favor and Focus on the Family Clears Up Odyssey’s Politics.
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Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Tweet Sparks a Presidential Controversy

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr’s tweet sparks questions about presidential term limits. Also, new footage reveals Sandra Bland’s side of the police confrontation that ended up taking her life and Chadwick Boseman’s next role…