This Lent, Consider a Social Media Fast

We all seem to be looking down these days. I wonder if that’s why many…

Why Lent Matters

RELEVANT looks at the ancient tradition of Ash Wednesday, drawing lessons from the church calendar and exploring why the day still has meaning for the church today.

Matt Chandler: Here’s Why Lent Still Matters

Editor’s note: This piece originally ran in 2017. In the six weeks between Ash Wednesday…

How I Learned the Purpose of Lent

Lent has been a somewhat elusive idea for me ever since I was young. Instead…

Matt Chandler on Why You Should Embrace Lent

Yesterday started Lent, a time leading up to Easter Sunday when many Christians give up…

Lent Should Still Matter to Christians

There is a Sunday every spring different from all others. Everyone dresses a little nicer…

C.S. Lewis on Tech Addiction

Every year millions of people approach Lent asking themselves what sacrifice they should make to…

How the Resurrection Changes Everything

While the cross is certainly a central theme in the story of how God saves us, it is one aspect of a greater story.

Why Jesus Left Us

Richard Stearns, president of World Vision U.S., explains how the Lenten season prepares us to fulfill the mission of the gospel.

The Forgotten Half of Fasting

Lisa Velthouse shares tips for not only fasting from something this Lenten season, but fasting to something greater.

The Fear of Fasting

In this excerpt from 40 Days without Food, Russ Masterson shares the fears and hopes that led him to embark on a 40-day fast.