A Newly Announced ‘SNL’ Cast member Is in Hot Water for Racist Comments

A Newly Announced SNL Cast Member Is Already in Hot Water Over Racist Comments. Liberty Students Call for an Investigation Into Their School’s President. and Netflix Debuts an Important New Miniseries
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Pete Buttigieg Tries to Explain His Pro-Choice Christian Stance

Pete Buttigieg Tries to Explain Why He’s a Pro-Choice Christian. Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. Faces Accusations From More That Two Dozen Current and Former Employees. and a New Survey Finds That 45 Percent of College Students…
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LANY Has Publicly Canceled a Show at Liberty University in Protest of Jerry Falwell’s Statement About Guns

LANY has publicly canceled a show at Liberty University in protest of Jerry Falwell’s statement about guns. The oldest Protestant Church in LA now meets in a parking lot, and they’ve got a good reason. And Disney crosses a major, and slightly…