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A Pro-Life Vision for Justice

Abortion was a contentious issue long before Roe v. Wade, when the Supreme Court made…

Could a New App Help End Human Trafficking?

Taking pictures of your next hotel room could be a small step in helping victims…

Is China’s New ‘Two-Child’ Policy Just as Bad?

This fall, officials in China started phasing out the country’s “one-child” policy. But in its…

The House Passed a Bill to Block Planned Parenthood Funding

Earlier today, the House of Representatives voted 241-187 in favor of legislation to block federal…

The Latest Planned Parenthood Sting Video Hit Today

This morning, the Center for Medical Progress released its 10th overall video in its ongoing…

A Fifth Planned Parenthood Video Released Today

Today, just a day after the United States Senate voted to keep funding Planned Parenthood,…

As the World Cup Looms, Brazilian Churches Amp Efforts to Fight Sex Trafficking

Some 600,000 soccer fans will descend on Rio De Janeiro when the World Cup kicks…

Woman Told Abort ‘Brain Dead’ Baby Gives Birth to Healthy Child

Sarah Hagan was advised by her doctors to abort her child, after a 24-week ultrasound…

Truly Horrible Letter Written to Family With Autistic Teen

Karla Begley is an Ontario woman whose 13-year-old son, Max, suffers from severe autism. She…

Over 100 Children Rescued in Massive Child Prostitution Ring Sting

Over the weekend, the FBI arrested 150 people and rescued 105 children in history’s largest…

New York’s Bullies Cannot Hide From New York’s Actual Superheroes

Following a recent rash of gay bullying—at least one incident of which turned deadly—a band…

The Steubenville Rape Trial Will Begin Today

The monstrously sad trial of Steubenville, Ohio’s so-called “Rape Crew” begins today, after delays owing…

Every Day, 22 U.S. Veterans Commit Suicide

A two-year study by a VA researcher says the U.S. veteran suicide rate is much…

An Unconventional Adoption

Elora and her husband “adopted” when they least expected, then when they wanted to adopt again, they were told to wait. Through their story, God showed them what it really means to parent.

Standing for Those Who Cannot Walk Away

Nicola was 16 when she was in Singapore for a mission trip—and mistaken for a prostitute. She was able to walk away, but her heart broke for those who cannot.

Being Gracious to the “Johns”

REJECT APATHY columnist Kristin Bruce writes about helping women stuck in the sex industry in Thailand and being gracious to the johns who participate, for they are fooled into an illusion.

FBI Rescues 79 Children From Prostitution

In a massive sweep across the US today, the FBI has rescued 79 child prostitutes…

12 Hours with a Sex Tourist

Gaz Kishere of Love146 writes about traveling to Thailand and a conversation with the gentlemen next to him: sex tourists.

Room for India’s Abandoned Children

Madeleine McCaleb writes about working in an orphanage for special needs children in India, and why they’re considered untouchable.

Cutting Through the Chaos in Kalkota

Kristin Bruce writes about her experience in India working with former prostitutes, and how they find peace in the busyness of the city.

The Parable of the Illegal Immigrant

Eric Burnette writes about the illegal immigrant debate and wonders what Jesus would think about new legislation.

Running a Race for Their Lives

Abby Armbruster writes about the Run for Their Lives race put on every year by Freedom 4/24, an organization fighting human trafficking.

Responding When Helping Hurts

Jeff Goins writes about finding out an orphanage his organization worked with is trafficking children, and the best way to respond.

Telling Eunice’s Story

Nikole Lim of Freely in Hope writes about Eunice, a woman who was raped and impregnated, yet was able to change her circumstances and keep her child.

Redeeming “Sweetie”

Kristin Bruce writes about remembering that everyone, even those in the adult entertainment industry, want to know God has not forgotten them.

The Danger of Unbound Beauty

Bret Mavrich writes for Reject Apathy about the connection between beauty and justice, and how if beauty goes astray, so too does our sense of right and wrong.

The Photo That Changed My Life

Diana Scimone, founder of The Born2Fly Project, an anti-human trafficking organization, writes for Reject Apathy about the photo that changed her life and inspired her to found Born2Fly.

Hair Gone Today, Hope Tomorrow

Sarah Richardson writes a column for Reject Apathy about her experience shaving her head to raise awareness for women’s rights with Bald Solidarity.

Does Modern Slavery Start at Home?

Benjamin Nolot, the director of a new human trafficking documentary, Nefarious, writes for Reject Apathy about the roots of modern slavery and how our culture may contribute to it.

Capturing Beauty in the Broken

Nikole Lim, a filmmaker and founder of Freely in Hope, writes a column for Reject Apathy about finding beauty in the broken and God’s restorative power.

Overcoming Our Laziness in Missions

Columnist Lorae French writes about why education is such a key element to missions and how it plays a role in caring for orphans.

The Weight of Words

Columnist Lorae French writes for Reject Apathy about working with orphans at the Sunshine Children’s Center in Ukraine, and what it has taught her.

Caring for Orphaned Hearts

Lorae French writes for Reject Apathy about caring for orphans in the Ukraine and the lessons she’s learned from them.

The Comfort of Walking Slowly

Columnist Laura Parker writes for Reject Apathy about her family’s experience living in Thailand and working for a nonprofit that rescues young girls before they enter the sex industry.

Spending Summer on a Bike Ride for Slaves

Ben Skoda share some thoughts he’s had while taking part in a bicycle ride across the U.S. to raise awareness and funds for anti-human trafficking efforts.

Being Close to the Hurt

Columnist Jeremy Willet writes about the importance of child sponsorship programs in Africa and Haiti. He will be posting updates from Haiti as part of RELEVANT and Convoy of Hope’s Haiti School Project.

Living Pure Religion

Columnist Lorae French writes about her impending trip to Eastern Europe to work with orphans and widows.

Cycling the Captives Free

Columnist Ben Skoda writes about a cross-country cycling trip he’s on with the Just+Hope campaign. The goal is to raise money for a shelter in Thailand for those at-risk of falling into modern slavery.

A Skeptic’s View on Child Sponsorship

Columnist Evan Davies writes about an experience while teaching in Rwanda that helped him lose his doubts about child sponsorship.

The Traffick Cafe

Anne Jackson writes a column about witnessing sex trafficking deals at a cafe in Moldova, Russia.