S02 Episode 02: Communication with Propaganda and Dr. Alma Zaragoza-Petty

On today’s show, university professor Dr. Alma Zaragoza-Petty and rapper and activist Propaganda join us to talk about the secrets to great communication—and the communication steps every couple should avoid. We also hear a new couple’s court case that pits two different communication styles against each other. 
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S02 Episode 01: Work/Life Balance with Jessica N. Turner

On the debut episode of season 2 of the Love and Money Podcast, we talk with Jessica N. Turner, author of the new book Stretched Too Thin: How Working Moms Can Loose the Guilt, Work Smarter, and Thrive to discuss the idea of a work/liffe balance.

This season, each episode is centered on a new theme with discussions that will help you better understand your relationship with two of life’s most complicated elements: love and money.

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S01 Episode 10: Rachel Held Evans

On the final episode of Love & Money’s first season, Debra and Rafa are joined by author Rachel Held Evans and her husband, Dan! Together they discuss whether working with your S.O. is a recipe for disaster, how to kindly ask your in-laws to give you space and they help a couple through a financial debate.
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S01 Episode 09: Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

This week, renowned relationship expert Dr. Emerson Eggerichs joins us. Along with founding the organization Love and Respect Now with his wife Sarah, Dr. Eggerichs is the author of several books, including his latest The 4 Wills of God.

Along with hosts Rafael Robert and Debra Fileta, Dr. Eggerichs discusses why frugality isn’t always a positive trait, helps a listener gain a healthy perspective on dating, solves a real couple’s dilemma, and a lot more!

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S01 Episode 07: Mike Foster

This week on the Love & Money Podcast we are joined by author, speaker, and counselor, Mike Foster! Mike joins the team in discussing whether you should “fake it til you make it”, how to forgive yourself of money mistakes, and they take on a couple’s court case that you won’t want to miss!
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S01 Episode 04: Jamie Ivey

This week, author, speaker and podcaster Jamie Ivey joins us! We talk about why kids shouldn’t be the center of your life, discuss the importance of a regular date night, hear a tense couple’s court case, find out how to make a family mission statement and a lot more!

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S01 Episode 03: Jeff Bethke

This week on The Love & Money Podcast, Rafael Robert and Debra Fileta are joined by author, spoken word artist and speaker Jeff Bethke! The team conducts couple’s court with a couple that is having mother-in-law drama, gives advice on how to improve your relationships, answers a listener’s question about a couple with separate bank accounts and a lot more!

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S01 Episode 02: Tyler Reagin

This week on the Love & Money Podcast, Rafael Robert and Debra Fileta are joined by the president of Catalyst, Tyler Reagin! Together they take on the case of the passionate penny-pincher and the ever-eager-investor, bust the myth “do opposites attract” and answer real questions from our listeners on the topics of love and money!

Want to hear your questions answered on the show? Send your voice memo questions to loveandmoney@relevantmediagroup.com or tweet us @loveandmoneypod.

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S01 Episode 01: Jon Acuff

This week, on the debut episode of The Love & Money Podcast, Rafael Robert and Debra Fileta are joined by best-selling author and speaker Jon Acuff! The team answers your questions, resolves its first “couple’s court” case, busts relationship and money myths, and a lot more!