All You Need Is Love

This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. (John…

A Wedding Without the Fairy Tale

Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues,…

Reminder: Knowing Your Worth Is a Commandment

For many Christians, the idea of loving yourself is one we either shy away from…

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Loving the Hard to Like

Some people are just harder to love than others—we all have that gregarious friend we…

What We Get Wrong About Being a Good Samaritan

Teshelle Combs writes a blog for RELEVANT about an experience with a person in pain that shows how hard it is to be a truly good Samaritan.

How to Argue Well

Tor Constantino writes a blog for RELEVANT listing seven keys to fighting well in a relationship.

God Has a Purpose in Your Disappointment

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick,” says King Solomon. Proverbs, which Solomon wrote, speak to…

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In the last 50 years or so, Wendell Berry’s name has become almost synonymous with…

3 Things True Love Is Not

No other word in human language has been misconstrued, mistrusted, celebrated, worshipped and cursed more…

How to Find the Beauty in a ‘Boring’ Marriage

The first challenge most marriages must endure does not come from trials and tribulation, but…

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It’s often unspoken but there’s one lie common in church circles I want to address.…

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9 Stages of Every Millennial Breakup

Oh great, it’s time to break up. On the one hand, congrats! This is a…

What’s ‘Love’ Got to Do With It?

Gus and Bertie set off on a semi-obligatory first date in a well-dented Toyota Prius.…

What Does ‘Guarding Your Heart’ Even Mean?

If you’ve been around Christians and Church circles long, you’ve probably heard the phrase “guard…

Marriage Shouldn’t Be ‘Fair’

I recently saw something on TV that made my jaw drop. It was a blonde,…

The Lie About Falling in Love

“To Fall in Love with Anyone, Do This” That’s the title of an online article…

The Case Against Love at First Sight

The first time I met my husband, it was about as far from “love at…

Loving The Oppressed—and the Oppressor

When we watch movies, TV or even read a good book, there is one thing…

How Social Media Made Me a Better Person

You often hear about the dangers of social media, including: narcissism, wasted time, envy of…

Why Are Christians So Bad at Dating?

Once upon a time, I freaked out about dating. As hard as it is now…

Who’s Afraid of Fear?

Spiders, bridges, public speaking, the dark—these are all considered somewhat normal fears. But is such fear normal for Christians who serve a supernatural God?

How Much Love Does It Take to Make a Difference?

The sun did not sympathize with the winter season. What should have been alive was…

I Like Her. She Likes Me. So When Do We Decide to Start Officially Dating?

Some people try to come up with guidelines for what dating looks like. While each…

Making the Most of a Breakup

Joe Terrell writes a blog for RELEVANT about the lessons he learned from a breakup—and how it was a call for him to get closer to God.

Married to the Wedding

Tracy Le on how Pinterest and imagining the perfect wedding can often distract from the sacredness of a marriage union.

The Value of Conflict

Akshay Rajkumar writes about meeting his wife, subverting the stereotypes of love and marriage and how conflict keeps their relationship strong.

Jesus Is Not Your Valentine

Curt Devine comments on the tendency to compare a relationship with Jesus to a relationship with a significant other.

The Truth About Disney Love

Lauren Edwards takes a comedic and honest look at the idealized romance of Disney classics.

“Let God Write Your Love Story”

Renee Fisher addresses common Christian relationship cliches—and why they are never helpful.

Is Sexual Sin Communal Sin?

Andreana Reale breaks down the meaning of the word ‘porneia’, it’s historical and modern context and how it affects both the individual and the community.

Surrendering to Singleness

Fabienne Harford writes about surrendering control of her relationship status.

Who Would Jesus Bully?

Karen Swallow Prior writes an article for RELEVANT about the It Gets Better Project, Mark Driscoll and bullying.

Single and Not Alone

Melissa Reinke writes for RELEVANT on why more and more people are remaining single longer—and why that’s not a bad thing.

Relearning the Gospel

Lynn Snuggs writes a column for RELEVANT about how the Church has failed to accurately portray the message of God’s love, in light of our sin.

Make Up or Break Up?

Debra Fileta writes for RELEVANT about what to consider before you call off a break-up.

The Realistic Guide to Love

RELEVANT looks at how to make love work at every stage of a relationship—just in time for Valentine’s Day.