A Lutheran Group Has Condemned Trump’s Plan to Suspend Immigration During the Pandemic

A Lutheran group has condemned Trump’s plan to suspend immigration during the pandemic. Early data suggests millennials will be hit especially hard by lockdown aftermath. And Johnnyswim teams up with David Crowder and Tori Kelly for an Easter hymn.
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Episode 774: Cory Asbury and Jad Abumrad

Worship artist and author Cory Asbury is our special co-host as we discuss the surprising, shifting values of Gen Z and millennials, a dating site for Calvinists, Cory’s personal drama with Chick-fil-A and a ton more. Plus, podcast and radio star Jad…
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A Church Paid Off $10,000 in Layaway Christmas Presents

An Atlanta Church Paid off $10,000 in Layaway Christmas Presents. A New Study Says Millennials Who Leave Christianity Might Not Come Back and a New Home Alone Reboot Is in the Works …Sort Of.
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Kanye Is Considering Changing His Name to ‘Christian Billionaire Genius Kanye West’

Kanye says he’s open to considering changing his name to well, something else. A new study shows millennials aren’t the moochers everyone says. And WHATUPRG’s new song ‘Glory’ starts the week off on the right foot.
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Katy Perry Fights Back Against Flame’s Plagiarism Charges

Katy Perry fights back against Flame’s plagiarism charges. Millennials are the first generation in U.S. history to be majority non-Christian. And IMAX debuts a trailer for Jesus Is King: a Kanye West Film.
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Toni Morrison Leaves Behind a Legacy of Spiritual Struggle and Triumph

Beloved author and Nobel laureate Toni Morrison has passed away. A new study says millennials are the loneliest generation. And is there any research to link video games to violence?
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David Kinnaman

This week we talk to author and President of the Barna Group, David Kinnaman, about data, millennials and the church. Plus, an update on Jesse’s Nickelback challenge, some heart warming Valentine’s Day tips from Adam Smith and a Celebrity News Roundup from the Grammy’s. This episode is sponsored by Stamps.com.