Episode 7: Fighting Abuse in Ministry with Boz Tchividjian

Boz Tchividjian is the grandson of famed evangelist Billy Graham and has made it his mission to fight sexual abuse in ministries. A former prosecutor, Tchividjian is the founder of the organization GRACE, Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian…
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Episode 5: Innovation in Ministry with Eugene Cho

This week on Called, church planter, activist and author Eugene Cho joins us as we discuss how churches can better embrace innovation, the power of thinking outside of the box and the dangers of making innovation into an idol.
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Episode 4: Rob Hoskins on How Outcome-Based Ministry Can Change Your Church

After Rob Hoskins visited the nation of Swaziland to observe ministry efforts, he had a revelation that would change his approach to outreach forever. Today on Called, OneHope President Rob Hoskins opens up about the organization’s mission and how…
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Episode 2: Not Your Parent’s Sunday School with Beth Cunningham

Stats show that 43% of Christians come to faith before the age of 12 and 28% of Christians were led to Christ by a children’s ministry leader. They also show that one of the best ways to attract new adults to a church is by making their kids want to…
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Episode 10: Protecting Marriages in Ministry with Dharius Daniels

On the season one finale of Called, pastor and author Dharius Daniels joins us to talk about how to protect the marriages of pastors and people in leadership. It’s a powerful listen for married people in leadership—who want to succeed in ministry…
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Episode 8: How the Enneagram Can Make Us Better Leaders with Beth and Jeff McCord

The Enneagram is a powerful tool that allows us to recognize personality traits that God created us each uniquely with. This week on Called, we talk with Enneagram experts Jeff and Beth McCord about how utilizing the Enneagram can make us better…
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Episode 739: Jen Hatmaker

On today’s podcast, author, speaker and podcaster Jen Hatmaker joins us to discuss the importance of finding truth in a world obsessed with fake news and political agenda, and how to have conversations with people we disagree with. The gang also…