A Spontaneous Adventure

May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.…

Is “Loving Witness” an Oxymoron?

“How can you say you love people if you are constantly trying to convert them?” This objection crops up a lot when it comes to interfaith dialogue—and often, it’s Christians who pose the question. So, what do we do with it? Is it possible to authentically love a person and still desire to see them come to Christ, or does a commitment to evangelism automatically lead us to view other people as nothing more than projects?

When Great Gets in the Way of Good

It’s only human to want to do something great, and make a huge impact. But where do these desires come from, and what are they getting in the way of?

Eight Things Christians Don’t Want to Say

Liz Riggs shares eight phrases you’ve never heard a Christian utter before.

“I Used to Be On Fire for God”

Jordan White writes about the passionate, revival-driven faith of his youth—and why it makes for a poor mission.

Planting Trees Is About People

For Earth Day, Aly Lewis of Plant With Purpose writes about why caring for the earth transforms the lives of people.

Why Jesus Left Us

Richard Stearns, president of World Vision U.S., explains how the Lenten season prepares us to fulfill the mission of the gospel.

Around the World in 334 Days

Author Curt Devine writes an article for RELEVANT about his time on the World Race, and what God is doing around the world.

The Chicago Code’s Mission

Rachel Decker writes a blog for RELEVANT about the show The Chicago Code and what it showed her about the need for a sense of mission.

The Story Behind Help-Portrait

Cara Davis writes a blog for RELEVANT about Help-Portrait, and how it’s changing lives among the homeless community.

Keeping Our Stories Straight

Columnist Krispin Mayfield considers Christ-followers’ identity as members of the Kingdom of God in light of seeing images of war depicted in stained glass at an air force base chapel.

Being Close to the Hurt

Columnist Jeremy Willet writes about the importance of child sponsorship programs in Africa and Haiti. He will be posting updates from Haiti as part of RELEVANT and Convoy of Hope’s Haiti School Project.

Living Pure Religion

Columnist Lorae French writes about her impending trip to Eastern Europe to work with orphans and widows.

Are We So Different from Street Youth?

Columnist Levi Rogers writes about the prevalence of street youth in Portland and how we are really no different from any of them.

Recognizing Poverty’s Face

Jarle Aarbakke Tollaksen recounts the first time he countered extreme poverty in Bolivia and how it affected his faith and how he sees the world now while working with Youth With a Mission.

Walking Across Africa

Columnist Amy Russell explains a trip she and her friends are planning in which they will walk 7,000 miles across Africa to raise funds and awareness about the need for clean water.

The Heart Behind the Power of Half

RELEVANT talked to Kevin Salwen, the man behind the book The Power of Half, about how he decided to give up half of his money to help people.