Episode 760: NT Wright

NT Wright joins us to talk about his brand-new book The New Testament in Its World and what today’s Christians can learn from the very first church. Plus, we hear Nick Foles’ press conference sermon, discuss Ben Affleck’s redemptive new movie,…
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Episode 757: The Avett Brothers

On today’s show, Scott Avett joins us to talk abut The Avett Brothers’ latest album Closer Than Together and getting “political.” Plus Propaganda joins us for the whole show as we discuss Josh Harris’ recent revelations about leaving faith,…
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Episode 743: Malcolm Gladwell

On the latest podcast, author and podcaster Malcolm Gladwell explains how a teaching of Jesus can help us solve some of the world’s biggest problems. Also, the editorial team walks through the brand-new issue of RELEVANT that’s out now! We also…
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Jim Gaffigan Appears In a New Thriller About Snake-Handling Churches

We’ve got our first look at a new Jim Gaffagin-featuring thriller about a snake-handling church. New York City has ended religious exemptions for vaccinations. And the first reviews for Toy Story 4 are in.