Episode 736: Jeremy and Audrey Roloff

On today’s show, we talk with Jeremy and Audrey Roloff about their new book A Love Letter Life and the misconceptions many Christians have about dating and marriage.  The gang also discusses the feud between The Babylon Bee and Snopes, hears…
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Episode 732: Mat Kearney

On today’s show, we talk with Mat Kearney about his new EP, City of Black and White Revisited. The gang also discusses Lauren Daigle’s record-breaking week, hears how Chance the Rapper’s wife changed his life and his faith, listens to a…
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The Love & Money Podcast – Trailer

The Love & Money Podcast – we work on building better relationships with money and with each other,  taking on these topics, together so we can thrive in both love…
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Episode 585: Tedashii

Tedashii joins us to talk about the changing direction of his music and how the death of his son inspired him to remain hopeful through his faith.
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Judah Smith

This week, we talk with Judah Smith, the pastor of The City Church and author of the new book “How’s Your Soul,” about the importance of community, being vulnerable and…
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Christy Nockels

This week we talk to Christy Nockels about her new album, Let It Be Jesus. Plus, science and faith guru Mike McHargue joins us, we welcome our new producer, and much more. This episode is sponsored by Fracture.
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Kye Kye

This week is a big one for us, for two reasons. First, we’re featuring one of our favorite bands (comprised of some of the nicest people we’ve ever met), Kye…

Brian McLaren

This week we talk to (controversial) author, pastor and speaker Brian McLaren. His new book about Christian identity in a multi-faith world releases September 11 and you’ll definitely want to…