The Wrong Way to Approach the Poor

There is a heartening development within the mainstream Church of late: people are starting to…

Don’t Just ‘Serve’ The Poor

“Serve” is one of the most used Christian words. Serve, servant, service, or any of…

Pray for the Poor and Marginalized

Today we turn to a new page in American history and American Christianity. As we…

It’s Not Our Job to Choose Who Deserves Help

My neighbors were evicted yesterday. I came home to find their worldly belongings—a couple of…

Christmas Belongs to the Poor

Jeff Goins suggest Christmas isn’t really about getting everything you want.

How Would Jesus Protest?

Bret Mavrich explores the nature of Jesus the Revolutionary and why we’re so quick to include Him in our democratic movements and protests.

A Christian Budget? Pt. 1

Ambassador Tony Hall writes an op-ed for RELEVANT about the current U.S. budget crisis, particularly how Christians ought to think of a budget as a moral document.


while looking through a financial magazine i noticed that there was a non-profit that was…