Practical Faith

Wait, What Did Jesus Say About Vomit?

Ryan Stillwater writes about what Jesus meant when He said He would not tolerate lukewarm faith.

A Waste of Youth

C.J. Casciotta writes about how many twentysomethings have failed to use their time productively.

How Would Jesus Protest?

Bret Mavrich explores the nature of Jesus the Revolutionary and why we’re so quick to include Him in our democratic movements and protests.

Lessons from a First-Time Protester

Juan Vidal shares what he learned from the first time he protested about the importance of conviction and intentionality.

Has America Lost Faith?

Max Dubinsky writes about his experiences on a cross-country journey to find God outside of the church and in the streets.

God Doesn’t Meet Our Expectations

Elizabeth Giger shares how she came to accept that God would give her what she needed, not what she thought she deserved.

Quarter-Life Shipwreck

Christin Taylor writes about the inevitable reality-checks every 20-something experiences, and how she journeyed through hers.

Criticizing the Bride

Matt Erbaugh writes about how Christ treats the Church as a bride, and why she should get the same respect from us.

Can You Be Sure of Faith?

Sean Bess writes about how even the greatest in the faith have questioned their salvation, and how to examine your heart when doubts arise.

In the Seasons of Unchange

Allen Cates writes for RELEVANT about the seasons of childhood and how he has learned faithfulness in the rhythm of adulthood.

The Search for Satisfaction

Jake Luhrs writes about the short-term nature of our addictions as opposed to the long-term desires of our spirit.

Words: What are They Good for?

Tyler Lacoma writes about our preoccupation with the language of faith and how we can use words instead of worship them.

Honest to a Fault

Ryan Stillwater writes about his personal honesty policy, why truth and honesty are not always the same and why he won’t sacrifice honesty to keep peace.

The Fear of Fasting

In this excerpt from 40 Days without Food, Russ Masterson shares the fears and hopes that led him to embark on a 40-day fast.

Jesus’ Unsettling Humanity

John Backman writes about passages of Scripture that find Jesus behaving remarkably human, and why these stories shouldn’t unsettle us, but comfort us.

The Discipline of Slowing Down

Bryan McManus writes a blog for RELEVANT about contemplative practices to focus divided attention on spiritual discipline.

A Letter to My 18-Year-Old Self

Brian LePort writes a letter of advice to his 18-year-old self about finances, faith, technology, relationships and what to know for the future.

The Missions Field of Suburbia

Jed Brewer writes a blog for RELEVANT about why being called to the suburbs is just as important as an exotic and unconventional mission from God.

The Heavy Yoke of Beauty

Sean Bess writes a column for RELEVANT about the pressure to measure up to society’s wrong ideas of what beauty is.

The Idolatry of Worry

John Greco writes for RELEVANT about how the epidemic of worry keeps us from hoping in God when we most need to.

Can Good Come from Bad in Joplin?

Will Cunningham writes for RELEVANT about how the tornadoes in in his home of Joplin, MO are a reminder of the potential that pain reveals.

A New Lesson from an Old Hymn

David Condolora writes for RELEVANT about what an Ebenezer really is, and how we still make them today.

Relearning the Gospel

Lynn Snuggs writes a column for RELEVANT about how the Church has failed to accurately portray the message of God’s love, in light of our sin.

God Still Uses Boring Testimonies

Dan Macy writes for RELEVANT about how you don’t have to have a rough past to have a powerful testimony.

Politics Can’t Save Us

David Masciotra writes a column for RELEVANT about how religion (and a little bit of Bob Dylan) saved him from politics.

Rethinking Community

Nikki Raasch writes a blog for RELEVANT about how we’ve gotten mixed up about the purpose community and why it doesn’t exist to make us friends.

The Power of Silence

Rob Ham writes a blog for RELEVANT about the power for silence when we want to get closer to God.

Everyone Wants To Go to Heaven, Just Not Yet

Tyler Charles writes a blog for RELEVANT about how all of us know we’re supposed to want to go to heaven … just not yet.

The Deeper Meanings of Christmas

Brett McCracken writes a Christmas reflection for RELEVANT, celebrating the Incarnation and what Christmas allows us to enjoy.

What Christmas Says About America

Anne Blythe writes a blog for RELEVANT about ministering to people outside of your own cultural comfort zone this year.

A More Materialistic Christmas

Justin Whitmel Earley writes a blog for RELEVANT about why stuff matters—particularly at Christmas

The Story Behind Help-Portrait

Cara Davis writes a blog for RELEVANT about Help-Portrait, and how it’s changing lives among the homeless community.

What AIDS and Christmas Have in Common

Jason Mitchell writes a deeper walk blog for RELEVANT about how Advent and the Christmas season shows us how we should respond to people with HIV/AIDS.

Whatever Happened to Thanksgiving?

Jeff McLaughlin writes a blog for RELEVANT about how Thanksgiving puts our hearts into a rhythm of gratitude and thankfulness.

Meals that Change Your Life

Adam McHugh writes a blog for RELEVANT about learning to appreciate hospitality and how a meal can communicate something profoundly holy.

God’s Heart for the Suicidal

RELEVANT imagines what God would say to the suicidal.

Seeking God’s Will with Humility

Carey Morford writes a blog for RELEVANT about seeking God’s will and realizing that the first step is humility.

What God Wants You to Know

Brandon Sneed writes a blog for RELEVANT about one man’s journey from believing God hated him to realizing God’s love for him.

Finding Your Knees Again

Carl Garrigus writes a blog for RELEVANT about dealing with a cancer diagnosis and how this hard time has led him to seek God through prayer once again.

Breaking Out of Our Cages

Cheri Saccone writes a blog for RELEVANT about how comfortable we get with our own sense of security, and how that security can numb us to God’s wildness.