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Why Is Prayer So Hard?

Prayer is one of those things we know we “should” do, but often don’t know how. But perhaps we’re making talking to God harder than it really needs to be.

Confessions of a Bad Pray-er

Jessica Edgerton writes a column for RELEVANT about how she has tried to move from distracted prayer to a simple prayer than can change everything.

The Prayer I Meant to Pray

Zak Lantz writes about praying Your will be done instead of Could you please do it my way?

OMG, What Did You Say?

Marcus Hathcock explains what it really means to take the Lord’s name in vain.

Surrendering the Unknowns

Rachel Decker writes about how her understanding of surrendering the future to God has changed over the years.

God Doesn’t Meet Our Expectations

Elizabeth Giger shares how she came to accept that God would give her what she needed, not what she thought she deserved.

The Journey of Grief

Gabe Holloway shares the sorrows and hopes of his family in the wake of hearing a fatal diagnosis for their unborn daughter.

Finding Your Knees Again

Carl Garrigus writes a blog for RELEVANT about dealing with a cancer diagnosis and how this hard time has led him to seek God through prayer once again.

Praying for Christopher Hitchens Isn’t Enough

Karen Spears Zacharias writes an op-ed for RELEVANT looking at the movement to pray for famous atheist Christopher Hitchens—and how it can distract us from our everyday duties of prayer.

Life, Liberty, Pursuit of … Obedience?

Jeremy Anderberg writes a blog for RELEVANT about trying to follow God in the every day, and daily trying to renew your mind.

The Best Prayer Is a Helpless One

Scott Douglas writes a column for RELEVANT looking at how prayer might be best when it’s offered in a helpless state of being.

A Different Way to Pray

Russ Masterson writes a column for RELEVANT, challenging our notion of what a proper prayer is.

Children At Risk

Chris Foster talks about life in Cambodia and the importance of mentoring young believers. Specifically he tells the story of one of his Cambodian friends who is in the Next Step program.

The Help List

In the age of celebrity activism, social justice and a renewed passion by the Church…