Hope Is a Risk Worth Taking

I know I’ve gone through bouts of doubt that felt like they could be lethal…

It’s OK to Live With Questions

While in grad school, I ran across the author Henri Nouwen, who articulated the tension—or…

What a Pastor Can Learn from the Faith of a Child

My daughter, Magnolia, is a typical three-year-old girl. She loves dressing up like a princess,…

“Do You Want to Be Healed?”

Jordan Davis observes how Jesus rarely helped those who did not want to be helped.

The Bible’s Unanswered Questions

Ray Horton points out that every answer from the Bible unlocks several more questions—and why that’s OK.

Can You Be Sure of Faith?

Sean Bess writes about how even the greatest in the faith have questioned their salvation, and how to examine your heart when doubts arise.

Who Would Jesus Bully?

Karen Swallow Prior writes an article for RELEVANT about the It Gets Better Project, Mark Driscoll and bullying.

Burn Notice and Life’s Dead Ends

Rachel Decker writes for RELEVANT about the summer premiere of Burn Notice, and what the show can teach us about our unanswered questions in life.

Christians vs. the Big Questions

Catherine Newhouse writes a blog for RELEVANT about the need for Christians to respond positively to tough questions in order to make our faith big enough for challenges.

Coming Through the Dark Night of the Soul

Tim Chermak writes a column for RELEVANT about finding his footing in his faith again after nearly losing it due to his questioning.

The Tension of Responsibility

Josiah Norton writes about the tension between feeling compassion for those who are suffering and the responsibility to help.