Jordan Peele Is Donating a Million Dollars to Organizations Fighting for Black Equality

Jordan Peele’s company is making a huge donation. President Trump isn’t seen as very religious by voters. And ‘Gone With the Wind’ is getting some fresh context.
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A Video Shows President Trump Goofing off During the National Anthem

New Footage Shows President Trump Goofing Around During the National Anthem. A Study Finds Which Way Religious Voters Are Leaning in the Democratic Primaries and Did the Oscars Accidentally Spoil Its Own Awards Show?
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‘Christian Influencer’ Dale Partridge Continues to Be Chased By Plagiarism Accusations

‘Christian Influencer’ Dale Partridge Continues to Be Chased by Plagiarism Accusations. The Religious Left Is ‘the Most Active Group in American Politics’ and Christian Bale Might Be Headed to the MCU.
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Greta Thunberg to World Leaders on Climate Change: “How Dare You”

Greta Thunberg drags the UN for inaction on climate change. President Trump pledges $25 million for religious freedom around the world. And our first look at the hotly anticipated …Adam Sandler drama?
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China Is Becoming a Global Threat to Religious Freedom

The U.S. has a released a concerning new report about threats to religious freedom around the globe, HBO is making a new film about justice reform advocate Bryan Stevenson and the pope had some advice for the world’s hairdressers.