The Active Work of Waiting on God

It seems to have become acceptable in Christian circles to say things like, “I’m waiting…

The Upside of Extended Adolescence

There’s no shortage of statistics and sociologists bemoaning the trend of Millennials dragging their feet…

“Do You Want to Be Healed?”

Jordan Davis observes how Jesus rarely helped those who did not want to be helped.

Redefining Manhood

Timothy Willard and Jason Locy comment on what it really means to be a man and how out culture has prolonged adolescence.

A Waste of Youth

C.J. Casciotta writes about how many twentysomethings have failed to use their time productively.

Parenthood and Responsibility

Rachel Decker writes a blog for RELEVANT about new show Parenthood and what it shows us about growing up and bearing responsibility as Christians.