Seven Tips for Tough Financial Times

RELEVANT offers 7 tips to make it through this tough financial season with your sanity—and spirit—intact.

How Would Jesus Spend?

You have a natural relationship with the way you handle money, which I call your…

The Divine Economy

Things can get complicated when we start to worry about money—and when we fret about how we are going to divide our paycheck between student debt, rent, bills and splurging now and then (or, more often then we’d like to admit). Here’s what one woman learned by going back to the basics when it came to her bank statement.

Tips for Saving Some Cash

The RELEVANT Magazine Graduate Guide Slices includes a piece about small ways to save big.

A Brief Guide To Financial Power

How many times have you heard the word “economy” mentioned in the news this week?…

Cool Spots: Strange Cargo Vintage Store

Stepping into the narrow aisles of Chicago’s Strange Cargo clothing and accessory store is like…

Plumbing Done Right

[This oratory poem was first performed at “Semiotic 2,” an annual multi-media art exhibition sponsored…

Urbn Dcay

I’m convinced that hipsters must all shop online, because nobody’s born cool, and the uncool…