Pope: Don’t Be a Hypocrite

Pope Francis delivered some strong words about hypocrisy at a recent mass. When discussing the…

The Bible’s Unanswered Questions

Ray Horton points out that every answer from the Bible unlocks several more questions—and why that’s OK.

Words: What are They Good for?

Tyler Lacoma writes about our preoccupation with the language of faith and how we can use words instead of worship them.

Is Feminism a Dirty Word?

Dianna Anderson writes a blog for RELEVANT about how Jesus and Scripture embraced feminism—and why the Church should to.

Keeping Our Stories Straight

Columnist Krispin Mayfield considers Christ-followers’ identity as members of the Kingdom of God in light of seeing images of war depicted in stained glass at an air force base chapel.

Past the Self-Esteem Shop

Angela Shupe writes a column for RELEVANT about reading Scripture and finding our self-esteem in who God wants us to be instead of who society says we ought to be.

The Bible – To Read Or Live?

Steve Stockman discusses living and practicing scriptures as opposed to just reading to say you have read.

Sticks and Stones

Discussing the power of simple words.

Lost in Translation

A common thread found among many Christian traditions is a belief in the sole authority…