self worth

What We Get Wrong About Humility

I’ve got this incredibly talented friend. She writes music, and sings like an angel. She…

Valued and Broken—All at Once

Our columnist Kristin Tennant probes and processes the one part of the Gospel that is difficult for her to swallow—that in God’s eyes, she is of incredible value.

Redeeming “Sweetie”

Kristin Bruce writes about remembering that everyone, even those in the adult entertainment industry, want to know God has not forgotten them.

The Search for Self Importance

Kate Blackwell writes a column for RELEVANT about our reason for wanting the new cool gadget and how our importance can be found in Christ.

You’re Not Supposed to Be Someone Else

Maria Baer writes a column for RELEVANT about constantly comparing oneself to others–and how to stop it.

Letting Go

“It’s like life is kicking me in the face.” I spoke those words approximately four…

Horizontal Loneliness And Vertical Value

For the past 21 years, I have had to fight a constant battle with feelings…