True Service Work Can’t Come With a Hidden Agenda

For anyone who follows the teachings of a particular religion, and is serious about adhering…

Jesus Would Have Been a Terrible #Influencer

“A true leader does not search for followers.” These words penned by the late Dr.…

How to Deal with Stress—The Right Way

When I was 11, I kicked a hole in the kitchen wall. It was the…

Brokering Charity

It’s a great thing to give to organizations who are on the front lines serving those in need. But perhaps we also need to step out among those in need ourselves, where life gets a little more messy, and a little deeper in the Kingdom.

God Lives at the Bus Station

Ryan Keating writes for Reject Apathy about being detained by police in Turkey for feeding the homeless at a train station

When Church Becomes a Verb

Ruth Rutherford writes about the awkward process of finding a church—and why it’s more active than passive.

Missionaries in Tuxedos

Jeff Goins writes about a black-tie event for missionaries and how it reminds him that it’s just a taste of what’s to come after.

The Mission Field in Your Backyard

Brooke Perry writes about her church’s relationship with a school in their city and how you don’t need to travel around the world to make an impact.

Going “Glocal”

Kelsey Timmerman writes for Reject Apathy about the idea of being a global citizen on a local level, and offers a challenge to readers.

How Not to Hate America After Missions

Curt Devine writes for Reject Apathy about combating cynicism upon returning to the United States after the World Race, a months-long mission trip around the world.

Caring When Your Neighbor Is an “Intruder”

Lorena Féliz writes a column for Reject Apathy about the moment her heart was changed for her country, the Dominican Republic’s neighbor—Haiti.

What We Learned from the JetBlue Guy

RELEVANT looks at how the story of the Jet Blue guy reminds us all of our own pride and how we treat people who serve us.

Keeping Our Stories Straight

Columnist Krispin Mayfield considers Christ-followers’ identity as members of the Kingdom of God in light of seeing images of war depicted in stained glass at an air force base chapel.

Recognizing Poverty’s Face

Jarle Aarbakke Tollaksen recounts the first time he countered extreme poverty in Bolivia and how it affected his faith and how he sees the world now while working with Youth With a Mission.