Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty in Rape Trial

Harvey Weinstein is going to jail. A new study finds Protestant pastors have shifting views on same-sex marriage and Watergate will become a TV show.
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The Most Important 2020 Issue for Christian Voters Isn’t What You Think

A New Study Shines a Light on What Christian Voters Are Prioritizing in 2020. Myths About Prostitution During the Super Bowl Don’t Pass Scrutiny and New Rules Will Dictate How Hollywood Portrays Sex Onscreen.
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New Jersey Senate Cancels Vote on Pro-Vaccine Law Over Religious Concerns

The New Jersey Senate has canceled a vote on a pro-vaccine law over religious concerns. A woman faces life in prison for killing her sex trafficker and the first trailer for Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” arrives Thursday.
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One in 10 Young Christians Has Left a Church Over Sexual Abuse

A new study finds that ten percent of young Christians say they’ve left a church because they felt it didn’t take sex abuse seriously enough, former megachurch pastor James MacDonald is being investigated for murder-for-hire allegations and a new…
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The SBC Is Overhauling Their Annual Convention to Focus on Sex Abuse

The Southern Baptist Convention is switching up its annual conference to focus on sex abuse, Christian persecution strikes Burkina Faso and Jayden Smith will play young Kanye in a new TV series.