Sex trafficking

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Standing for Those Who Cannot Walk Away

Nicola was 16 when she was in Singapore for a mission trip—and mistaken for a prostitute. She was able to walk away, but her heart broke for those who cannot.

Being Gracious to the “Johns”

REJECT APATHY columnist Kristin Bruce writes about helping women stuck in the sex industry in Thailand and being gracious to the johns who participate, for they are fooled into an illusion.

The Photo That Changed My Life

Diana Scimone, founder of The Born2Fly Project, an anti-human trafficking organization, writes for Reject Apathy about the photo that changed her life and inspired her to found Born2Fly.

Around the World in 334 Days

Author Curt Devine writes an article for RELEVANT about his time on the World Race, and what God is doing around the world.

The Traffick Cafe

Anne Jackson writes a column about witnessing sex trafficking deals at a cafe in Moldova, Russia.