Episode 10: Jay and Katherine Wolf on How Church Leaders Should Address Suffering and Hardships

People are looking to churches for answers right now. How can pastors make sure they’re equipped to address their fear? Jay and Katherine Wolf join us to talk about the best way to address the anxieties of our age with wisdom, compassion and courage.
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Episode 778: Cory Asbury and Rebekah Lyons

On today’s podcast, Cory Asbury opens up about his new book Reckless Love and what many Christians get wrong about suffering. Plus, we preview the brand-new season of our church leadership podcast Called, with special guest Rebekah Lyons.
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Episode 7: Levi Lusko on the Theology of Suffering

On this episode of Called, we talk with author, speaker and Fresh Life Church pastor Levi Lusko about grief and how pastors can address tragedies with their congregations.