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My 20-month-old son is already familiar with a variety of Apple devices. He knows (roughly)…

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How to Keep Your Smartphone From Running Your Life

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Off the Grid

Take your explorations off the grid this summer–and learn about the world without the filter of a phone or camera.

W.W.J.D. in an iWorld

Christopher Unseth on the new iPad, our culture’s tech obsession and why Jesus doesn’t care that you have an Apple product.

The Gospel of Video Games

Jordan Ekeroth writes about the tension Christians feel toward video games—either to dismiss them or over-spiritualize them—and how artists can move past that.

Lessons Learned from Steve Jobs

Kristin Tennant shares 4 valuable lessons about life—and faith—that she learned from the life of Steve Jobs.

Video Games & the Nature of God

Drew Dixon writes about El Shaddai, a videogame based on the Book of Enoch that explores the nuances of God.

The Wasted Potential of Video Game Violence

Drew Dixon writes about how video games waste the power of violence and how it can be better used as an art form.

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Drew Dixon writes a column for RELEVANT about the new sequel to Portal and what video games can teach us about real life.

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Chris Haw writes a piece for RELEVANT looking at why Christians ought to be hesitant about the next big thing in technology.

Short Attention Span Faith

Brett McCracken considers the fallout from our constant connection to technology and wonders what it’s doing to our relationship with God.

My Supernatural Radio

The sometimes vital need for quiet in our lives.

An Important Question (or two)…

First off, it’s been a little while since I posted, so for that I apologize.…

Google Teams with Non-Profits

Google Earth Outreach is a partnership program that allows nonprofit organizations and charities to utilize…

Stem Cell Debate Still Divides

The Catholic Church debating the fate of hybrid animal-embryos in England and a vetoed stem…

Considering Cell Phones

Those considering joining the rest of civilization in owning a cell phone, and those thinking…

The Freak Show

Alright, I’ll admit it: I’m a couch potato. I can’t wait to get home from…

Spam Rage

Charles Booher was fed up with spam. The Silicon Valley computer programmer said he was…