Waiting in the Blank

How long, Lord? Will you forget me forever? How long will you hide your face from…

Life on God’s Time

Brittany Volpei on trusting a God who exists outside of hours and days when our own lives are enslaved by time.

A Waste of Youth

C.J. Casciotta writes about how many twentysomethings have failed to use their time productively.

Happy 1358th Prime Birthday!

If you are running out of creative ways to say Happy Birthday on Facebook, or are just a math nerd, here are a few other time intervals worth celebrating …

Getting Through Saturday

Brett McCracken writes a column for RELEVANT about Holy Saturday, talking about how we all wait while creation is in groaning for completion.

Making Valentine’s Day Simple

Valentine’s Day, a day of love, romance, passion … who am I kidding? Some guy…

Simple Ways To Be More Effecti

So, you say that you’re not able to get enough done at work. It seems…