Honesty Isn’t Always Easy

And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all…

Christians, Don’t Use ‘Authenticity’ as an Excuse to Be a Jerk

Half way into my story, I had a choice to make. How was I going…

The Biggest Problem With the Debates (and How to Fix It)

The biggest—most disappointing—problem we’re facing in the presidential debates so far? The lying. The whole…

The Power of Confession

We don’t often find time—or courage—for true and honest connection, and that holds true in the context of our church communities as well. But what do we lose in not making time or mustering the courage for it? Our columnist Anne Jackson gently peels back the layers of this question and invites us deeper into truth.

Honest to a Fault

Ryan Stillwater writes about his personal honesty policy, why truth and honesty are not always the same and why he won’t sacrifice honesty to keep peace.

When Truth Is the Enemy of “Truth”

Author Donald Miller writes about how paradigms are challenged by real truths in this article reprinted on RELEVANT.

Should You Give a Homeless Person Money?

Columnist Homeless Girl writes about the misperceptions behind giving a homeless person money.

How to Sell the Son of God

Jesse Medina writes a column for RELEVANT wondering why we do such a poor job of living lives for Christ that are authentic and attractive to nonbelievers.

Life Outside the Faith Ghetto

At the dramatic and comedic conclusion of the first Austin Powers movie, Dr. Evil defines…

My God, Your God

Ever found yourself in an argument that you later realized wasn’t worth it? I have.…

Barrage Of Messages

Like it or not, we spend our days immersed in a steady drumbeat of messages,…

Truth Has A Name

As a college student, I knew my faith would be tested. I knew that professors…