Honda Makes a Silly Segway Competitor

Honda has introduced a prototype mobility device (which is either supposed to mean a motorized scooter or a Segway-like device … it’s unclear which) that moves however you lean and tilt.

Another Study Proves Coffee Is Awesome

Though we didn’t need science to prove what we all already knew, a new study has shown, once again, that coffee is awesome. Specifically, it suggests that drinking two cups of coffee per day may reduce and prevent depression in women.

Does 30 Minutes or Less Still Apply?

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Baguette Vending Machine Is Amazing

You can buy almost anything in a vending machine (especially in Japan), but usually it’s…

A SkyNet Training Ground?

Fans in the U.K. are disappointed that their robotic soccer team has been eliminated from the RoboCup, which is basically a World Cup for soccer played by robots.

Let’s Stick With “Just Do It”

Be honest—you’ve cried during a Nike commercial before. But Boston mayor Thomas M. Menino isn’t so moved by their advertising. He’s asking that a Niketown display containing drug-themed shirts be removed from its prominent Newbury Street location.

Grandma’s Ashes Donated to Goodwill

Employees at a Goodwill in Michigan were not just a little weirded out when they discovered a cardboard box marked grandma’s urn that was donated around Easter

Would You Change Your Name for $100,000?

A Texas country-radio DJ has been offered $100,000 to change his name to and…

He Should Have Stolen Chips Too

A man in Northern California was sentenced to 8 years in prison … for stealing…

Football vs. Journalism: It’s On

If you’re a college football team in, say, Texas, and your school newspaper writes about…

Ironic British Occultists Rejoice

Someone on Etsy (where else?) has made a Ouija board (those strange, probably-occultic boards that…

Avatar Madness Has to Stop

By all accounts (including ours), Avatar was a truly immersive, must-see movie with incredible effects…

Now That’s a Celebration

A pub in the UK was snowed in for three days over New Years, trapping…