Andrew Garfield Has Some Powerful Thoughts About the Dangers of Modern Celebrity Culture

BY RELEVANT CULTURE October 12, 2017

Actor Andrew Garfield was a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this week, and had some really interesting thoughts about why the world doesn’t need movie stars.

Essentially, Garfield says the way culture elevates people that have been deemed to be “celebrities” is actually destructive, and creates a false sense of perfection.

He said:

Sometimes there’s this idealization of people in the public eye and there’s this false—kind of idealized—vision, this false perfection, that I think is projected from people in that position. And I think sometimes, it can create a little bit of dissatisfaction … I think theres something about this projection of perfect …

Sometimes there’s this tendency to focus on this idea of perfection, which I think doesn’t allow us—doesn’t give us permission—to accept our whole selves in our entirety … It creates this “not-enoughness” in the culture.

Coming from an actual movie star, it’s an interesting take.