Here’s a Brand New Song From John Mark McMillan


Today, singer/songwriter John Mark McMillan released a brand-new single called “Enemy, love.”

In a Facebook post accompanying the song’s release, he explained,

Anxiety. I try to control my world and since that is SUPREMELY not possible… I get anxiety. I promised myself when I got married that I wouldn’t miss a moment with my exquisite china-doll girl, but… I get anxiety. Then we had kids and I swore I wouldn’t let go of a precious second of their lives. They’re such wild birds, and their raucous life and energy bring me outrageous amounts of joy, but also… anxiety. It seems like so often the very things we do to protect or hold onto what we love ends up stealing them from us. See, my attempts to control the universe only create enemies. Enemies with the world, with people, enemies with the ones I love, and I find myself at odds with God and with myself! Yep – in trying so hard to have IT ALL the way I want it, I become my own worst enemy.

In the post, he continued,

Enemy, love., like much of the new record, is about growing up – especially the “letting go” part of growing up. There are just things I can’t know, I can’t hold, and I can’t control. Not to be irresponsible or dismissive, but I’m realizing when I “let go” of my ideals and ego, I also become much better at holding onto what I actually have – And that’s beautiful.


His new album, Mercury & Lightning is available now to preorder.