Here’s the First Trailer for Gary Oldman’s Winston Churchill Biopic: ‘Darkest Hour’


Gary Oldman dons a fat suit and copious amounts of makeup to play one of the 20th century’s great political leaders, and if that doesn’t sound like someone’s gunning for an Oscar, then you don’t know how the Academy thinks. Based on the first trailer, he’s got a shot. Director Joe Wright (Atonement) has a knack for moody, tightly wound drama, and there’s an excellent supporting cast, with players like Lily James (who you just saw in Baby Driver) and Ben Mendelsohn (the Rogue One bad guy).

If nothing else, the trailer serves as a reminder that summer films are starting to wind down a little (after War for the Planet of the Apes hits this weekend, Thor: Ragnarok  is really the only big popcorn flick left in the cannon) and that means prestige films are starting to warm up to chase down that golden statue. Should be fun.