Tom DeLonge Is Getting Real About His Mission to Explore the Cosmos

BY RELEVANT October 12, 2017

Tom DeLonge’s most important contribution to society to date is being a founding member of Blink-182. But these days, he’s much more interested in more cosmic work. He’s a big believer in extraterrestrial life (he says he’s met some) and now he’s launching a real mission to figure out just what is going on out there among the stars.

To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science is an organization made up of scientists, aerospace engineers and creatives who will pool their talents and resources to push mankind’s exploration of outer space further than ever before.

It’s easy to be snarky about it but it’s pulled some real clout. According to Rolling Stone, “several of its team members have worked extensively within the intelligence and scientific fields, including some who have worked in and with the CIA and the Department of Defense.” Those are the sort of people you want on board your intergalactic exploration public benefit corporation, but what will the organization actually do? That’s a little fuzzy, even after watching the trailer, but it’s clear they’re serious about whatever it is.