Watch Francis Chan Speak at Facebook Headquarters About Church, Faith and Leadership


Writer, teacher, former Cornerstone Community Church pastor and the leader of the “We Are Church” house church movement Francis Chan recently spoke to employees at Facebook corporate headquarters, where he taught about leadership, church and his faith. His speech was centered on the idea of “how to get to heaven from Silicon Valley.”

In the 45-minute speech—which he opened in prayer—Chan spoke in-depth about why he stepped down as the pastor of the megachurch and embraced a new kind of community.

He explained:

This one guy put it like this: It’s like being adopted rather than being in an orphanage. Church the way I was doing was like an orphanage. Here’s just a bunch of kids with one leader. And rather than saying ‘No, you know what, we’re going to put you in a home and these guys are going to actually know you and love you and care for you.’ It’s just like family.

He also encouraged the Facebook employees to not be prideful about their positions of influence in culture. “What do you think God hates most? Pride was the answer. Humility is the antidote.” He then explained: “You’re at a disadvantage. There is a status working here. You’re cooler than your friends.”