Watch U2’s Beatitudes-Inspired Performance of the Song ‘American Soul’ on ‘SNL’

BY RELEVANT MUSIC December 04, 2017

Over the weekend, U2 performed two new songs on Saturday Night Live, including the scorching single “American Soul,” which opens with a biting modern take on Jesus’ Beatitudes from rapper Kendrick Lamar.

In the song, Kendrick says:

Blessed are the arrogant, for theirs is the kingdom of their own company. Blessed are the superstars, for the magnificence in their light we understand better our own insignificance. Blessed are the filthy rich: for you can only truly own what you give away, like your pain.

The song itself contains even more biblical themes:

There’s a promise in the heart of every good dream. It’s a call to action, not to fantasy. The end of a dream, the start of what’s real. Let it be unity, let it be community. For refugees like you and me.A country to receive us. Will you be our sanctuary, Refu-Jesus.