3 Biggest US Influencers To Follow On Instagram in 2021

Influencers are an important part of every society, as they help a lot in shaping it. The social media age has given them several platforms to express their voice clearly and loudly.

Instagram is one of those platforms where you will find plenty of influencers rising to the top. Some big influencers from the U.S. have been doing great since the start. At the moment, they are considered to be the biggest influencers not only from their country but all around the world.

If you’re dreaming to become an influencer too, you should follow these famous Instagrammers to interact with their audience. By doing this regularly you can win your new best Instagram followers and not waste your money on doing ads or paid promotion to rank your account better.

Let’s look at some of those influencers and their careers on Instagram.

The most popular Instagram influencers of the U.S.

  • Ariana Grande

    Ariana Grande takes the first position in being one of the most popular Instagram influencers coming from the United States of America. She’s a singer and an actress who started her career at a small age. Her songs and numerous roles as an actress are popular all around the world.

    Inspired by urban contemporary music from her childhood, Grande has a mammoth total of more than two hundred and twenty-eight million followers on her Instagram. She got famous early on in her career, due to her role in the American sitcom Victorious, which was streamed on Nickelodeon.

    Since then, she has worked on a lot of her own music albums and succeeded in accumulating millions of views from her audience.

    Overall, she falls third on the list of most-followed Instagram accounts currently, behind Instagram’s own and Cristiano Ronaldo’s handle.

    Ariana Grande is also the holder of numerous accolades such as the Grammy Award, BRIT award, and numerous other music awards for her works in the music industry.

    On several streaming applications, she is also the most followed music artist of all time. You can follow her handle and get to know a lot about her journey, which has spanned out over almost a decade. If you feel that the music industry is going to be your career, then surely her journey will portray and help you with a lot of things.

  • Selena Gomez

    Selena Gomez is another popular person in the media industry and one of the most influential Instagram people, hailing from America.

    She has a dynamic television career with roles ranging from numerous movies to even Netflix television series. Gomez found her breakthrough through the Disney series Hannah Montana, where she was playing the role of Mikayla.

    Another top t.v. series, where she landed a role, was, ‘Wizards of Waverly Place.

    Overall, she falls sixth on the list of most-followed Instagram influencers.

    Selena Gomez is considered to be one of the biggest pop artists globally. She has a career in the media industry which has lasted for more than a decade. And she has more than two hundred and seventeen million Instagram followers. Certainly, the number reflects tells us the whole story of her Instagram influencer career as well.

    She is also an active philanthropist and she has donated to a lot of good causes.

  • Dwayne Johnson

    A former wrestler, known popularly by the name of ‘The Rock’, Dwayne Johnson is one of the most famous actors of the world, currently. He has an acting career where he is produced several Hollywood hits of all time.

    He has amassed more than two hundred and twenty-four million Instagram followers throughout his journey on the platform. On his Instagram page, he not only shares his journey and keeps his audience engaged but also gives a lot of fitness and nutrition tips that can be helpful for people. If you’d like to gain popularity on Instagram and looking forward to some of those things, you will find his story and his social media handles a great source of inspiration.

    Dwayne Johnson is also considered to be one of the most successful actors of all time, along with being one of the highest-paid ones too. His movies have been critically acclaimed and for the same, he has received numerous accolades.

These were the most popular Instagram influencers of the U.S. which you can consider following on Instagram, because of the content that they produce. Along with their content, they are also great entertainers which can be a big plus point for you.

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