5+ Interesting Facts About The iGaming Industry In The US

Talking about the casino industry in the US is probably not a shocking thing. North America is where actually took place the great epic rise of the casino environment in the past century. The emergence of new land-based casinos as well many lottery games is just one of the multiple signs that depict the rise of this particular field.

rise of African countries in iGaming industryThe Rise Of Africa As A Big iGaming Market

But how have things changed during the latest decades? Of course, things have been changing a lot. Although North America still keeps a prominent position in the diffusion of gambling, it seems that more countries have been embracing the same industry, as well.

Do you need a practical and easy example? Just consider the African Continent. This corner of the world is where the iGaming industry is showing to penetrate the local society and mass culture better than in other countries, including western regions that should be historically "prepared" for such diffusion of iGaming products.

Currently, we can list a lot of high-level casinos on the internet that represent pretty well the size of the diffusion of digital games through African customers. Africa Bet is one of the first casino guides that occupies a very important role in the spread of safe and verified online casino games. The fact that an African site proposes iGaming products to local people means that Africa offers a solid pool of potential customers for this kind of product.

In the beginning, African gamblers had to look for a decent casino among foreign sites. Today, they can easily pick their favourite casino option from a specifically dedicated site. If you take the numbers in your hand, you can also see why Africa is the next big iGaming market in the world after North America: Africa has actually some of the largest and economy-leading countries in the world like Nigeria, Kenya, or South Africa.

Curious Facts That You May Not Know

If you think that you already know everything about the gambling environment in North America, we suggest you take a minute to check the following facts that we've found for you. As you can see, North America's growth in the iGaming industry may look intriguing sometimes. Also, we are pretty sure that you didn't even know that Africa is thought to surpass North America in the next future.

But before that, just get these facts below and learn about how the casino industry works and may evolve from today on:

  1. Flat growth in the past decadecasino stats
    This is evidence for what we've just explained above: if the African market is running faster than the American market is because the latter one has been performing not as well as it used to. During the past decade, the American gambling market has had a growth of only 10 casinos, which is a pretty low growth for a continent like North America.

  2. A $79 Billion revenue per year
    Many people, including pro gamblers, think that poker is the biggest source of revenue for casinos. Guess what? It's wrong - in fact, poker represents only a small percentage of the profits for casinos, while slot games seem to account for a bigger share.

  3. Nevada gains the first position
    It's not shocking to know that Nevada is the most targeted destination for casino gamblers in America. Consider that Nevada alone can generate up to 15% in casino revenue in the entire American industry. Probably, you may miss that Pennsylvania is second to Nevada, being Nevada's hardest competitor in the run after absolute success in this industry, with $3 billion in revenue. Another state that is also performing greatly is New Jersey with nearly $3 billion in revenue, so pretty close to Pennsylvania.

  4. Gambling machines in US casinos
    If you want to know the total number of gambling machines in the US, including those in tribal casinos, gas stations, bars, or other places, prepare to know that Nevada is again the first state in the US to rank in this list, too. Nevada has actually more than 160,000 gambling machines.

  5. The "gaming positions" as a standard parameter
    If you take a statistic, you may not understand it completely because it uses the parameter "gaming positions". When using this parameter, casino stats want to mean not the number of employees in a certain casino, but the single gambling machine in that casino. Table games account for 6 gaming positions. So, according to this parameter, stats rank casinos from the richest in gaming positions down to the poorest. It turns out that Winstar Casino in Oklahoma is the largest casino in North America with its over 100,000 gaming position.

Now you can tell everyone that you know more about the casino industry in the world much better than most pro gamblers think they can do!

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