All about electronic logging device

An electronic logging device is the modern equipment for truckers and other categories of commercial drivers. Its purpose is to record drivers' working hours. The law requires it to regulate the load and avoid driver fatigue. It is worth noting that the use of ELDs is mandatory in all US states from December 2019. Not every device is right for the job. It must meet some technical features. You can find out about a certified device at How exactly does an electronic logging device record working hours? Since it is directly connected to the truck engine, it automatically turns on and off. The mode of operation depends on the speed of the vehicle or the stop time. Then the data recorded by the device is transferred to the electronic logbook. Previously, paper logs were used to record working hours or earlier equipment that did not have as many high-tech features. Modern ELDs make the job of both commercial drivers and road inspectors easier. The equipment helps speed up the inspection process.

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