What is 123 Movies & what are the best alternatives to this site.

The leader of many world rankings, the most popular illegal hosting site in the world, 123movies was created in Vientiane by students. On its pages you can find the latest novelties of movies and serials. The downloaded content is of the highest quality or produced by shooting on the phone. The portal was already famous in its first year of operation. From that moment it began to be hounded by copyright holders. More than once the owners had to change the address of the site due to ISP blocking. Every month its pages for online viewing of movies were visited by almost 100 million users. In 2018, the portal was recognized in the U.S. as the largest pirate service in the world. After just a few months, the project shut down.

123 movies new website

Best alternatives to 123movies

The original pirate site 123movies was forced to stop its work in 2018, but its copies continued to function. Almost all clones have tried to recreate the design of the popular resource. Many of them even attempted to make an identical logo. The functionality of the portals is very similar to 123movies. Few owners of the system decided to go further and improve the navigation for the convenience of users. Among the best alternatives to 123movies, which regularly replenish their media catalogs, take care of working links to mirrors and provide uninterrupted video streaming, stand out: Putlocker, Fmovies, Gomovies (new name of 123movies), Solarmovie and Yesmovies.

Links to analogues on the Internet can be found quite a lot. But other portals with similarities to 123movies may have a limited library, may be characterized by even more ads and the presence of interruptions in video downloads. The owners of all of the above-mentioned analogues care about the quality of their work, listen to the opinions of visitors and are constantly evolving.

123 movies new website

What is on the main page

The main page of the site - its cover, which allows you to create a first impression. The user, getting on it, first sees a large number of movie posters, so he immediately understands where he got to. The main page hosts the most popular selections of movies and TV series with high user ratings and the latest cinematic innovations. The home page has a handy menu where you can select the section where you want to search for movies. The navigation bars are in two parts of the page: at the top and at the bottom, so you don't have to scroll through the portal twice. The menu category with series and TV programs deserves special attention. The modern versions of the resource pay more attention to this area. The central place on the page is given to a large banner with advertising posters. Here is a broadcast of the latest news and announcements of downloaded novelties.

The search line deserves special attention. It allows you to create a search query for the name of the movie, make a selection by one word, or find a specific movie in a matter of seconds. You can search by the name of the actors who played the main roles. In the top corner, there is a login to your personal account. It can be accessed after the registration procedure by filling out the form. At the bottom of the page there are contact information for contact with the owners of the portal and links to social networks. On the main page you can easily return from any other part of the resource, just by clicking the menu button.

123 movies new website

Pros and cons of using 123movies

Pirate hosting sites have become a real salvation for those who want to watch a movie, but do not have the opportunity to do it legally. Some do not have enough time to go to the cinema and see the novelty, others cannot pay for subscriptions on official portals working with rights holders. Illegal services allow you to watch movies and series online from anywhere in the world without leaving home. You can find works of all years of any genre.

Among the main advantages of the 123movies portal can be listed:

  1. high speed of downloading online videos, as the servers contain and transfer files in compressed form;
  2. directory with a wide variety of film genres from different years and countries of production;
  3. the ability to choose the quality of video for viewing, type of dubbing, availability of subtitles;
  4. free access to all content;
  5. minimal traffic costs due to the small size of the files.

Although there are many "pros" of using the 123movies portal, arguments "against" will be found no less. They include:

  • a large number of ads that pop up while browsing the site and launching the player;
  • stopping the video while watching it if there are problems with the connection signal;
  • legal restrictions on watching illegal movies, which can result in fines and incarceration.

The disadvantages of the service are easy to deal with. It's enough to install a VPN and an ad blocker so you don't have to worry about your security and viewing comfort. Video download speed can be ensured by connecting to a quality provider and watching videos where there is a good signal.

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