The best motorcycle games in history

From arcade machines to modern simulators, we review some of the best motorbike games free ever. Time travel for gamers and fans of two wheels we made on the site Friv5Onlin. Can you come with us?

Far from being a modern invention, video games have been with us for decades. And in its offer the best motorcycle games have never been lacking . From the primal Moto-Cross of 1976 to the modern MotoGP 19, we deal with some of the titles that have hooked fans of video games and two-wheelers.

'Moto-Cross' (1976)
Without a doubt, the popularization of video games took place in the 70s of the 20th century. Games like the galactic Computer Space , Space Invaders and Asteroids or the remembered Pong , based on table tennis, began to arrive in arcades.

And also Moto-Cross , a game that, by the way, had nothing to do with that sport. Also known as Fonz , being inspired by one of the characters from the television series Happy Days , it was very simple. It consisted of driving a motorcycle as fast as possible without crashing into other motorcycles or going off the road. If not, there was a vibration!

'Hang-On' (1985)
Among the best motorcycle games in history is also Hang-On . A classic that appeared at a time when home and portable video game systems were on the rise. Like Moto-Cross , in Hang-On you had to overtake other bikes at full speed. In this case, in the shortest possible time and passing through a series of control points.

Obviously, its graphics were much more advanced than Moto-Cross . And in addition to being available for stands like the traditional upright arcade machine, the game could be enjoyed on a replica sports bike. One last!

'Moto Racer' (1997)
Without a doubt, it was a before and after in motorcycling games. And not only because of the logical evolution of the graphics. Unlike the titles developed in the 70s and 80s, Moto Racer was more varied, since it allowed to compete in both speed and motocross circuits. And also select a multiplayer mode.

That arcade game gave rise to an evolution (Moto Racer 2) in 1998, which was followed by Moto Racer World Tour two years later. Later, other deliveries would arrive. But the first of 1997 will always be remembered as one of the best motorcycle games of all time.

'GP 500' (1999)
Sports fans, in general, and the World Speed ​​Championship in particular, will remember that Álex Crivillé , AMV ambassador , was proclaimed 500cc world champion in 1999. He was the first Spanish rider to win the crown in the premier class! of the two wheels!

Well, that year GP 500 appeared , the official simulator of the World Speed ​​Championship. The game made it possible to select the different circuits from the previous season –among them, the Spanish ones from Jarama (Madrid) and Montmeló (Barcelona) -. And, of course, emulate the pilots who beat the copper at the controls of the long-awaited two-stroke competition motorcycles.

'Excitebike 64' (2000)
Surely, some of the blog readers will remember the dreaded effect 2000 . Many experts thought that computer systems would go crazy going from December 31, 1999 to January 1, 2000. Finally, nothing happened. Life took its course and the video game industry continued to evolve and develop new titles.

Thus, with the arrival of the year 2000, so did Excitebike 64 . It was the continuation of the motocross game Excitebike (1984) and made it possible to choose between six different riders and a score of circuits. Among the latter, there was a track located in Madrid that had to be circled three times. Another of the best motorcycle games !

'Superbike 2001' (2001)
In our review of the best motorcycle games, we could not miss one dedicated to the Superbike World Championship. We have chosen Superbike 2001, which included the Circuit de la Comunitat Valenciana Ricardo Tormo and the riders of the 2000 season. A course in which the American Colin Edwards was proclaimed world champion.

The video game stood out for its graphics. And it contemplated four sections: fast start, training, single lap and championship. Furthermore, you could choose the number of turns on the track and the number of participating bikes, the level of riding or the weather conditions, modify the set-up of the bike… For some, it was the best motorcycle racing simulator for PC of its time.

'MXGP 2014' (2014)
The first of a family of video games that has lasted to this day. Officially licensed by the Motocross World Championship, it was tested at the time by nine-time world champion Antonio Cairoli, fellow champion David Philippaerts and the experienced Davide Guarneri and Alessandro Lupino.

All of them gave their opinion before the title went on sale. And they were impressed by the realism of the video game. All its action was based on the previous season, it had half a dozen game modes and it also made it easy to change some of the characteristics of the bikes. Guaranteed fun!

'Dakar 18' (2018)
The considered toughest raid in the world also had to appear in our particular ranking of the best motorcycle games . With this title you can participate in the stages that made up the 2018 Dakar route, which passed through the lands of Peru, Bolivia and Argentina.

In addition to motorcycles, it is possible to choose between cars, quads, trucks and side by sides , have total control of the pilots and official vehicles, have a realistic navigation system, simulate weather conditions ... Highly recommended if yours is the world off road , consult the road book and face extreme challenges.

'TT Isle of Man. Ride on the Edge' (2018)
To talk about the Isle of Man TT is to talk about one of the most attractive and toughest events in the world. A competition that has been held since 1907 on a 60-kilometer circuit made up of streets and roads open to the public for the rest of the year. In short, a legendary setting in which the Spanish pilot Santiago Herrero lost his life in 1970.

This video game is designed for those who wish to face the challenge of being the fastest on the track known as Snaefell Mountain Course. And it meticulously reproduces all the details of the circuit and its surroundings. For this reason alone, it is worth trying it out and demonstrating our prowess on one of the most genuine and challenging tracks in the biker universe.

'MotoGP 19' (2019)
To finalize our selection of the best motorcycle games , and while we wait for the World Speed ​​Championship to resume, nothing better than to put ourselves in the shoes of the MotoGP riders. We can start as beginners, gain experience and, finally, measure ourselves against the best.

As an official game, it includes all the circuits, categories, teams and participants of the 2019 season. And also pilots of the remembered 500 cc era such as Mick Doohan, Álex Crivillé, Kevin Schwantz, Wayne Rainey or Kenny Roberts Jr. And other classics from MotoGP like Max Biaggi, Alex Barros, Sete Gibernau, the remembered Nicky Hayden or Casey Stoner. You will not get bored!

As they say, there are not all who are, but they are all who are. And for tastes, in addition to colors, video games ... Each fan will have their own list of favorites! In any case, we have dealt with some of the best motorcycle games ever. Game over!



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