The most recent and working shortcut to the top of Spotify for a rap artist.

To become a successful music artist or a rapper to reach top per se includes loads of hard work and smart marketing of the content. It covers a lot of areas such as music crafting, finances, promotion, team building and more. The biggest streaming platforms of today already won hearts of millions around the world, and it is especially so if talking about Spotify - it is another thing to take the most advantage while you take your steps on a stairway to fame.

A new generation of rapper youth is born into a relatively new trend known as cloud rap named after rising and scoring a lot of plays on such cloud streaming services as SoundCloud and Spotify.

All of these parts vary from time to time and from an overall view can be very overwhelming.

So, putting yourself through and through to each of these different spheres very important to build a career out of music.

We will look at some of the shortcuts, for reaching the top.

Recent shortcuts to reach the top for rappers in the industry.

In the international rap industry, we can follow up with the story of Eminem aka Slim Shady and Machine Gun Kelly. Eminem is known as the rap God, because he came out with a masterpiece called "Rap God" with millions of plays and streams around the world and according to critics he is the best of the best the original gangster of the rap game.

In 2018, Eminem came up on Spotify with a song called "Not Alike" and it kind of very subtly first washed MGK. Kelly was smart enough to notice it and he came up with "Rap Devil" and it was a direct diss track targeting Eminem. He tried his best to diss Em and even included lines about his daughter which instigated as he is very, very protective about his family especially his daughter.

Eminem then came out with "Killshot" the thumbnail of this video had MGK with a bullet wound on the centre of his head. Both the artists started their level best to get back at each other. But in this whole diss fiasco critics say that Kelly actually used Em's name for clout, because there were people who even never heard about him before this diss drama. And that Eminem would never get back at a junior artist because he didn't need to, he was already the God in the game.

Similarly, in the USA and many other countries too we can see underground rappers getting back at well-established mainstream rappers for clout.

The importance of Spotify Plays!

Spotify plays can turn the game around for you. As a rapper, all you would need is a lot of plays on your tracks uploaded on the platform to make them appear in the trending playlist and in recommendations. No matter the country is people love popular things, that’s called social proof and sometimes it gets absolutely absurd. That is the reason why artists buy Spotify plays and this is exactly what helps them in getting their playlists and albums up to the top. Right now, Streamdigic is one of the most trending providers of such shortcuts of the industry.

If you are new to the field, then you would have missed it. But not just in the music world, in every field this is happening. People have become smart, and they know how to reach the top quickly and they are looking for new shortcuts every day. In fact, the more plays you have, the better your career gets. And the sooner it gets done, the better it becomes! In sum, buying plays on your songs hosted on Spotify is a must for today’s music promotion.

Plays have their own importance and certainly as a top-quality artist, you can’t ignore it. Therefore, make a note of this point!

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