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1. Tandembox boxes can be equipped with any furniture. Due to the diversity of the Tsarg, Religans and Metal Bohokin, you can increase the height of the box side of the box, mounted an open or closed box. You can also choose the height of the facade and the rear wall. A wide selection of components for all sorts of box designs will satisfy any customer needs.

Tandembox provides free access to the contents of the box thanks to the possibility of complete extension.

Depending on the design, the system is able to withstand the weight from 30 to 50 kg. With any load, the mechanism moves smooth and silent. The ease of course will provide the basis for the guides of the reliable Tandem system.

Built-in Blumotion closer guides will provide smooth and silent closing.

The Tandembox assortment is provided with different lengths, so it is possible to choose a system for furniture of any depth.

Despite the seeming complexity of the design, the assembly of the Tandembox drawer takes at very little time and is pretty simple. Three-dimensional adjustment will allow you to adjust the facade pattern.

2. The advantage of the Tandem guide system is the ability to install them on wide loades with high load. Despite the weight of the box, the system ensures smoothness and silentness of his stroke.

Especially for the Tandem system developed a TIP-ON mechanism that allows not to use the handles, but to open the box by pressing the facade. TIP-ON is mounted on Tandem without tools.

For large boxes, the use of TIP-ON synchronizer is recommended. It will make it possible to achieve a smooth and soft motion of the box without distortion. Components for the synchronizer are sold separately: the synchronization shaft, the length of which can be changed to the necessary, and synchronization gears.

Side stabilizers are installed to increase the stability of broad boxes.

Increase the height of the side walls of the box will allow the installation of chrome-plated reins that are commercially available.

To smash the box of the box to the departments for more convenient use will help ORGA-LINE - this is a stainless steel tray system with separators. In the assortment of trays of different sizes. If necessary, you can assemble the system from trays in your needs, taking into account their size.

Additionally installed for the TANDEM system, the accessories will make the operation of the mechanism flawless, and the furniture is as comfortable as possible. review Rhino Gold Gel
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